IIoT World Days 2020

IIoT World’s Industrial Cybersecurity Day is a one-day online event that will take place on October 22, 2020. This event is Part of the Global Cybersecurity Awareness Month and will focus on Digital Strategies to achieve Industrial Cybersecurity. The hours are displayed in ET timezone. 

The content is targeted to CxOs, executives, as well as technology-oriented executives, engineers, IT/OT professionals and ICS cybersecurity leaders.

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Securing your ICS Supply Chain
Host: Greg Orloff
22-10-2020 07:00 -19:00
Available seats: 409
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Keynote Speech
Host: Lucian Niemeyer
22-10-2020 09:00 -19:39
Available seats: 84
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Best practices for ICS Security in various industries
Host: Sanjay Kumar
22-10-2020 11:00 -21:39
Available seats: 24
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Cybersecurity Architecture & Governance for IIoT implementations
Host: Johannes Drooghaag
22-10-2020 12:15 -22:54
Available seats: 30
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Incident Communications. How to disclose a cyber incident
Host: Tyler Cohen Wood
22-10-2020 13:30 -00:09
Available seats: 112
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Zero Trust Security Framework for IoT
Host: Keao Caindec
22-10-2020 14:45 -01:24
Available seats: 64
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Industrial IoT Security Maturity Model
Host: Don Malloy
22-10-2020 16:00 -02:39
Available seats: 70
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ICS Cybersecurity for O&G and Manufacturing Industries
Host: Scott MacKenzie
22-10-2020 17:15 -03:54
Available seats: 80
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